Project Description

Kitzbühel | Issue 44 | Winter 2018

Holzbau Maier doesn’t just love wood, it loves people who love woodworking, who know how sensitive and alive it is. Pinzgauer are hard-working, earthbound folks who stand behind their products and their homeland with total commitment. That’s why this firm holds high its commitment to top-trained employees, providing top benefits for them.

Studies have shown that the craft professions are becoming more and more important. What’s more, their prestige is growing in the eyes of the population. Which in turn increases the number of job openings in the branch. A deep respect for wood as raw material, an unstoppable urge for quality, a sharp eye for the future. Those are the things which have made this family company the largest homebuilder and joinery/carpentry operation in the province of Salzburg, fully engaging no fewer than 140 employees.

An ecological star

Wood is natural, wood is alive. As a raw material, wood is bio-degradable and more or less produces itself. Wood is the lightest solid construction substance in existence. On top of that, wood is enormously resistant to wear-and-tear and ageing; is astonishingly sturdy and firm, yet still elastic. Furthermore, wood provides superb insulation, which is why it is utilised for warmth and acoustic dampening. And last but not least, wood has become a virtual synonym for hearthside warmth and cosiness.


Gewerbestraße 171
A-5733 Bramberg
T +43 (0)6566 7264