Project Description

Kitzbühel | Issue 43 | Summer 2018

Concept Bau has created a new signature style for its project: Bavaria Palais. And thereby defined a whole new breed of luxury.

The “Palais“ (palace), designed by architect Jürgen Engel, nestles devotedly and harmoniously between two listed town villas: on the right, the former villa of architect Emanuel von Seidl, on the left August Zeh’s residence, with its wonderful sculptural and ornamental décor. These city villas, built in German Renaissance style in 1897 and 1901, epitomise the opulent design of Bavaria Palais.

Quotes and new interpretations

The theme of the ornamental décor is to be found as a citation above the entrance portals. Through the classic yet innovatively interpreted roof forms, a transformation to modern architecture has successfully been integrated into the historically intact neighbourhood. On the two upper floors of each building are located the luxurious penthouses, from whose roof terraces far-ranging views extend all the way to the Alps, alpine weather conditions permitting. “For the penthouses we defined a special project within the overall project,” says Marco Ulivieri, Director of Planning and Marketing at Concept Bau.

Modern present And architectural heritage

“Our sense of architecture is rooted in the present, nonetheless linked to our architectural heritage with a great deal of dedication and respect,” is the way Jürgen Engel elucidates the plan of the building. For the 12 penthouses, Concept Bau has transposed the approach of the architects to the interior spaces. The result melds the traditional and the modern using harmonious and exclusive classic and modern elements. A meticulous selection of materials and top-grade craftsmanship lie at the core of the interior design. Each floor, each selection of wood, each travertine is unique. Such incomparable specimens will fulfil the most sophisticated demands of any future owner.

Architectural gem in central location

”From the very first moment, we were aware that we were responsible for creating an architectural gem in this prime city location“, says Emmanuel Thomas, Managing Director of Concept Bau GmbH. Founded in Munich in 1982, the property developer has been part of the French group, Les Nouveaux Constructeurs headed by Moise Mitterrand, since 2003. In France design and style have always played a pivotal role.


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