Project Description

Yachting | 2020

Is that a good match? The luxury that a charter yacht offers its above-average guests and the desire for vegan food? The question could be answered spontaneously in the negative. But vegan food ultimately supports a “healthy lifestyle” – and for many yacht charter guests this is a natural part of their lives.

Juan Carlos Gutiérrez, who has hired A SULANA on the 37-metre-long sailing yacht, likes to combine different seaweed with local products. The plate combines puffed rice with spirulina, crispy tofu with Indonesian sauce, small vegetable pencils, sweet onion cream, nori paste and star-shaped moss as decorative elements, a cress with the beautiful name “Salty Fingers” as well as flowers and coconut semolina to emulate the sand of the seabed.

Bianca Murphy, who has been cooking on yachts of up to 130 metres in length for almost ten years, is also responding to the drastically increased demand for vegan food. On the 50-metre-long ENDEAVOUR she likes to serve a beetroot terrine accompanied by marinated tomato slices, basil and fried pralines.

And Christopher Simon likes to serve risotto as the main course on SOPRANO, which he refines with artichoke puree, smoked artichoke hearts, a little sliced truffle and crispy artichoke leaves flavoured with thyme.

Bianca Murphy

Juan Carlos Gutiérrez

Christopher Simon

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