Project Description

Vienna | Issue 19 | Spring 2017

Behan & Thurm has been operating as a traditional family business since 1923. Now in its 4th generation, trail-blazing standards in the modern office and home sectors have been put into place. The furnishing of four 1000 m2 luxury apartments and 16 bathrooms down to the finest detail posed a special challenge for the company. The team of architects, interior designers, construction engineers, planners and designers headed by managing director, Sabrina Stückler-Thurm, mastered it brilliantly.

”We have an extensive portfolio of manufacturers and a good feel for the taste and requirements of the client. It is not our intention to stamp our style onto a project. It is important to focus on what the customer wants. Even if some are not even sure what appeals to them most, we are always able to pinpoint an individual style through intensive collaboration“, says Sabrina Stückler-Thurm.

After several weeks of concept development, the Arabian property developers gave the project the green light. Specific cultural characteristics had to be taken into account (such as no illustrations of people or animals) and the products from over 30 manufacturers were organised and coordinated. All four apartments are currently rented to an ambassador from the Arabian region.

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