Project Description

Yachting | 2020 | Text: Marcus Krall

You are a successful businessman. Is a yacht a good investment?
Jürg Marquard: Absolutely. The “Azzurra II” was one of my best investments, namely in my quality of life. I enjoy every day on board, travel with my family, receive friends, business partners and my managers on the yacht in beautiful surroundings.

Streifzug: Why exactly did you buy this yacht?
Jürg Marquard: The “Azzurra II” is an icon. When delivered in 1988 she was one of the 50 largest yachts in the world. The owner’s cabin has 24 giant windows and the most spacious bathroom ever built into a yacht.

Streifzug: You spend several weeks a year on the yacht. How do you run your business on board?
Jürg Marquard: I primarily need a good internet connection. There is a large desk in my cabin, but I usually work in the sky lounge or in the fresh air. I personally use an iPad, but the yacht is of course equipped with all other means of communication.

Streifzug: Do your charter guests get the same service as you as the owner?
Jürg Marquard: Probably even a better one, they give a tip! (laughs) But seriously: I have 14 crew members on the payroll, 12 of which are permanently on board. Therefore, the charter guests get a super service, always leave the yacht highly satisfied and are happy to return the following year.

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