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KITZBÜHEL & Alpine Region | Issue 04 | Autumn 2017

… sophisticated interiors made from the timber of old wine barrels are the result. Now featured at the 4-star-superior hotel Kristall in Pertisau at lake Achensee.

Furniture like fine wine …

… now lends a very special ambience to the 4-star-superior hotel Kristall in Pertisau at lake Achensee. Hotelier family Rieser integrated a wine cellar into the planning for extensive conversion works. “The building owners came up with the idea of using a wine barrel as interior furniture for wine tastings“, explains “Diogenes-mastermind“, Helmut Pramstaller, who was the ideal partner to make this dream become reality.

The fragrance of fine wines

A huge wine barrel with seating for up to 16 persons and a tasting table made from stavewood now forms a special highlight in the hotel cellar. 5.5 m in length and with a diameter of 3.8 m, Pramstaller built it from two oak barrels of almost 30,000 litres in volume each, which he sourced from the Passano di Grappa region. For decades, they had been used to store and mature the very best Grappa.
Wine and pleasures of the palate
Ultimately, the wine barrel proved to be the catalyst around which the Diogenes team built an entire landscape for the enjoyment of wine and pleasures of the palate, including an acclimatised wine cellar with vaulted ceilings, walled niches for storing wine and wine racks. Authentic materials such as barrel staves and volcanic tuff stone were used. Pramstraller’s team used incredible 7,831 antique, handmade bricks for the cross-vault alone. An anteroom offers the perfect ambience for exquisite in-house culinary events. “Diogenes“ also embellished the walls with original barrique casks and red-and-white artwork in an impressive presentation of magnums.


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