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Kitzbühel | Issue 48 | Winter 2020

Growth requires good soil. At Holz-Studio in Oberndorf it’s the hand-selected ground for natural woods with their healthy earth which has ensured the success of this family business for nearly 20 years, generating budding sources of new ideas in turn.

Because of their vast selection of quality floors throughout the district, Holz-Studio counts as a top address in matters revolving around living and furnishings. Above all else, the option of obtaining a noble floor of natural wood in individualistic design, including your favourite colour, favourite type of wood, favourite structure, is what awakens the enthusiasm of customers from far and near. “We have on offer exclusive solutions that dovetail with customer needs, fit like a glove, right from the very first square metre,” says Managing Director Simon Oberacher, who together with cousin Marco Koidl forms the duo that is running the family business since this year. Senior boss Martin Oberacher remains an integral part of the concern as Production Director through his extensive knowledge, experience and font of ideas.

The Holz-Studio is rounded out to completion by the Stoff-Studio, replete with the best materials on earth, the second pillar of the family business and a further core competency. Here the distinct specialty is faithful-to-original renovation of antique furniture. In the wink of an eye, your aged furniture gems radiate with glamour and splendour anew: upcycling at the utmost level of Tyrolean craftsmanship. “This could range from acoustic carpeting for home-cinema rooms to textile wall coverings all the way to individually finished draperies. We are your partner. We can supply what is needed,” says Simon. The two young bosses at the helm also bursting with new concepts for the further evolution of the company, inspired no doubt by the approaching 20-year anniversary next year. Under all circumstances, the company philosophy which has navigated their way to success all along will be maintained. That, too, is a law of nature.


Pass-Thurn-Straße 20
A-6372 Oberndorf
T +43 (0)5356 62085

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