Project Description

Wien | Issue 18 | WINTER 2016

Kristof and Margaretta Buchacz Komarek have an unusual talent: they possess a singular sensitivity to feel precisely what an interior room ‘needs’ to give it incomparable style and beauty…and know how to implement that vision. With this uncanny gift they have shaped and formed spaces and places full of character, infused with soul, which charm visitors as if by magic. They use Vienna’s impassioned master craftsmen to turn their ideas to reality.

Kristof Buchacz Komarek hails from Breslau, whence the freshly graduated engineer came to Vienna 35 years ago. It swiftly became clear what his metier would be. He fell in love at first sight with the elegant old patrician houses and opulent interiors of the former imperial capital.

Old masters

Empowered by his inordinate energy, Kristof Buchacz Komarek developed age-old craftsmanship techniques further, refined and perfected their methods, their objectives, gradually making a name for himself in Vienna and beyond.

Brilliant wall design

His wife provides the fitting complement: wall designs replete with stunning diversity. An old patrician house in Vienna is her favourite ‘white canvas’ onto which she projects ideas and visions, including handcrafted wall hangings and paintings, some of which are showcased in her workshop on Gonzagagasse 9, 1010 Vienna, where visitors can gasp at how much atmosphere, character and style can be bestowed on four walls.

Renaissance of tapestries

Much to joy of these artists and their team of experts, tapestries are experiencing a Renaissance. In ways nothing else can do, wall hangings bring unmatched textiles, colours, warmth and feeling into any interior.

Exclusive textiles

Apart from highest quality handcrafted tapestries, the two interior decorators also cover walls with unimaginably elegant materials in accordance with the tastes and desires of the residents.

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