Project Description

Yachting | 2020

Seanet provides through the concept of custom yacht ownership of elegant italian Benetti and Azimut grande yachts a brand new form of ownership – conceived for visionaries for whom the benefits of yacht co-ownership and 100% quality far outweigh the aspect of 100% ownership.

The SeaNet Model

SeaNet is a recognized expert in yacht ownership tailored to individual needs and wishes. It offers both first-time and longstanding owners a kaleidoscope of yacht ownership concepts. Depending on the priorities and necessities of a client, an individual solution is worked out, ranging from sole ownership to co-ownership of a Benetti or Azimut Grande superyacht in the magnitude of 27-40 metres.

In the entrepreneurial concept of co-ownership, which has been operative for three years on the European market, the superyacht from SeaNet belongs not to one sole person, but rather, ownership of the yacht passes into the hands of several persons. In this concept, those owners share the yacht in high season. The high costs are thereby distributed over several persons, which much improves the relationship to actual utility time. For ultra-high net worth individuals, the SeaNet model is the perfect alternative: that way, a sojourn on board is savoured in quality time, a yacht is actually managed in cost-effective ways. This is the smart way to own a yacht. SeaNet assumes the complete management, including chartering and chartering out, furnishes the yacht to the wishes and tastes of the co-owner for each respective sojourn, orders the crew, chef, concierge service and provides lots of other extras.


In this new ownership galaxy, the owners have no contact whatsoever with each other. All correspondence and the entire management is taken over by SeaNet. Add to that the security of being able to weigh anchor literally at any time. SeaNet also takes the sale into its hands and acquires a new purchaser. Thus, the contractually agreed-upon proportions of cost sharing are guaranteed to the remaining shareholder. SeaNet clients receive monthly and annual financial reports and can sell their share at any time.


SeaNet Europe Ltd.
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Business Development Director
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