Project Description

Yachting | 2020

When it comes to Evelyn Kaspar’s style to decorate, Yalla Yalla means more than its original meaning might suggest. It means adventurous, limitless, culturally diverse, in other words, just a little bit crazy and different. Thus, Yalla Yalla has nothing to do with stuck up trends or is merely about the most-wanted brands. Yalla Yalla interior design should instead convey a feeling of coolness represented by the furniture, the fabrics, light, colours and wallpapers – regardless of the size or shape of the room, boat or garden. Photographer Stefan Alfons then captures this feeling creating many little stories making interior design more than just part of the immediate reality. The idea for Yalla Yalla developed while travelling through the Sahara with self-remodelled off-roader.

In Tunisia, Yalla Yalla means something like “Let’s go”, and when Evelyn Kaspar also decorated Stefan Alfon’s boat literally in Yalla Yalla-style, Yalla Yalla became a recurring theme of their work. Stefan Alfon’s boat therefore just perfectly represents the feeling Yalla Yalla interior design is supposed to evoke. The design is young and cool but still captures the SwissCraft ExpressCruiser Construction year 1958 vintage charm. Yalla Yalla interior design is for everyone who wants something unique and cool, the cutting edge of interior design with a twist.

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