Top-Interior by Evelyn Kaspar

With Kaspar Interior Design, Evelyn Kaspar designs living spaces worldwide as unique as her customers


Interior by List, on water and on land

List, the interior designer from the luxury yacht sector, offers everything that is also in demand in the luxury real estate segment.


With Pohl living makes joy

Beautiful living in and around Ellmau at the Wilder Kaiser realizes realtors, brokers and landlords P & G real estate


Build on tradition for the future

Architect Resch from Going am Wilden Kaiser combines typical building with the highest standards of modern living.


Birgit Otte is interior style queen

With her elegant, confident living concepts, interior designer Birgit Otte is at the forefront of the luxury living world.


Unique Aufschnaiter Interior

The young interior designer generation from at Aufschnaiter finds inspiration for inspired living concepts everywhere.


The handwriting for best quality

Interior decoration, planning and furnishing. Georg Mayerhofer's 25-member professional team stands for full service


More freedom

Innovative doors, windows and glazing


Bold projects

Metek meets glass and metal highly individual requirements


Magical kitchen worlds

Manzenreiter creates kitchens of innovation, aesthetics and effectiveness

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