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“Aesthetics is function: it helps make things around us practical. The fact that they are perfectly made makes them precious. The fact that it likes, does not always have rationally explainable reasons and therefore makes it desirable. “
STEININGER designs, plans and builds timeless architecture and interiors with luxurious equipment. Imagination and expertise are the source of outstanding ideas resulting in individual domiciles full of atmosphere and striking aesthetics.
In the end, your dream becomes reality.

STEININGER stands for purist, exquisite architecture, interiors and kitchens design. Mastermind Martin Steininger heads the headquarter in St. Martin (Upper Austria) in the 3rd generation, with further locations in Linz, Vienna, Hamburg, St. Gallen and London. At STEININGERS BESPOKE designs and architectural settings are in demand internationally: they inspire with striking, clear lines, timelessness and sophisticated details.

Martin Steininger is an esthete and a minimalist. Exceptional design is a decisive added value for him, as things has to work. He subordinates all designs to this creed. It defines space, shape and use accordingly. Urban concrete and rare metal alloys complete the range of materials. A new type of spatial, sensory and tactile experience arises.

BESPOKE DESIGN – THE STEININGER COLLECTION STEININGER designs are a statement of sustainable luxury, style and comfort. This claim continues in the unique kitchen, furniture and joinery. Every design from the STEININGER Collection is made to measure. STEININGER has already received several awards for the customized FOLD design kitchen and brand communication, including with German Design Awards 2020, Iconic Awards 2020 and RedDot Award 2019. State-of-the-art CAD programs and cutting edge manufacturing technologies in the Austria production, ensure the highest quality. The artisan take care the fine details at the end. STEININGER is a manufacturer and feels committed to the craft.



The house by the sea

With a beach villa of excellent nobility, Steininger Designers is once again proving its flair for design and architecture